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3 Tips for Organizing Your DayPlanner (For Great Agents!)day planner 828611 960 720

One of the most important tools for Top Performing Real estate agents to use in managing their day is a great tool for keeping themselves organized.  Whether you go electronic, with tools like Evernote, Google Keep or others, or you keep it old school with a Pen and Notebook, there are a couple of things that you should always keep in mind.  Here are 3 tips for helping you keep your organizer tool working for you:


No matter what tool you use – it’s essential that you don’t just tackle the things that you have to do in the random order that you put them down on paper.  Once you have generated thoughts on what you want to accomplish, you should develop some system for prioritizing – whether it’s a numbering system, re-organizing them physically or any host of other strategies.  Remember – the truly successful in our business are great at making the Main things the things they work on first and most.


A great Day Planner will allow you to group tasks in many ways.  I personally group tasks in the following categories in my Day Planner:  Long Term Projects, Must do Today, Calls to make, Electronic Messages to send and finally – I leave room for “Parked Ideas” – ones that I want to come back and revisit somewhere down the road.

Other ideas I have heard of for grouping are daily, weekly and quarterly tasks; Do, doing and done boards, and many others.  Before you launch into your next list of to-do’s, think of what grouping would work best for you!

Small Wins

A Great day planner will allow you to feel like you have achieved some small wins as well as worked on some large projects.  Putting things on a list that you can check off will allow you to get momentum built – so don’t feel bad about putting little tasks on there that you can start to check off quickly when you get in a rut.

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