As mentioned in the section on negotiation, most properties that are listed at an appropriate price will sell for between 96 and 97% of list price, so there isn’t a lot of negotiation that typically happens. New Construction properties, for example, often don’t have any amount of price negotiation – you often end up paying the “sticker price”. However, your agent will help you identify opportunities for additional price negotiation based upon what they learn about the seller’s motivation, status and more.

It’s also important to remember that there is much more to the negotiation around the purchase of a home than just the price; there are elements of the offer that can have a tremendous impact on your overall satisfaction, including negotiating around the things that are included with the property (appliances etc.), the date that you take possession, financing options, the buyout of any leased equipment, the adjustments that will happen around the closing (possession) date, and much more. You should have an indepth and strategic conversation with your agent, who is there to fully represent your interests.