The conditions that are the most common in Nova Scotia include a building inspection (including Well and septic inspections if needed), financing approval, insurance approval and lawyers approval. Typically, your agent will ensure that the date for you to complete all of the conditions will be the same – about 7-10 days out in most instances. Satisfying yourself as to each of these clauses is your responsibility (as opposed to the seller), so it means that you will pay for any testing that you want done to the home, including home inspection, well and septic inspections, independent appraisals that you want to complete, and anything else that you want. It’s important to note that you will get another chance to ask for concessions from the seller during this period, but they do not have to agree with anything you ask for, and in some instances, may then make your original agreement null and void.

In any event, this is a time where you should rely on your agent to be the point person for you – helping you to arrange any appointments and service providers that you need. You have typically put down a deposit by this point, and at the end of this 7-10 day period, you are committed to buying the home unless you have notified the seller that you are unsatisfied by then.