Viewing properties is a part of working with your agent to start the process of finding the right one for you. It’s a period of exploration, elimination, and learning, as you start to get to know what it is you like best, can afford, and will suit your lifestyle. At this point, a great agent will be focused on making sure you understand all there is to know about each house – so don’t be surprised if they seem to be playing the “Devil’s Advocate” a fair bit. When you find properties you like, their job will be to make sure that your emotional attachment to them doesn’t overwhelm the practical side of you owning it, and vice versa, they should be helping you to identify opportunities even in properties that you might not immediately be drawn too. (p) Your agent will be booking appointments for you back to back, so that you can see, compare and contrast. Most people don’t go to see any more than about 10 properties per viewing trip (this would be a maximum), so that you can keep the houses straight in your mind. You’ll have as long as you need to see the properties, and the showing will be private, meaning that typically the homeowner isn’t home, and there are no other prospective buyers looking at the home (as opposed to an open house).