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The Parent Company of Royal LePage Atlantic, and a number of other real estate companies across North America, Brookfield is a company of incredible expanse. Owning not only Real Estate companies, but also assets north of $175 Billion globally, as well as a full relocation organization, Brookfield really is all things Real Estate.

For Relocating employees, or members of the Armed Forces, Brookfield is your first stop when you know you are making a move. Visit to learn how to get started in meeting your relocation representative.

If you are selling a home to relocate to Nova Scotia, and Brookfield is managing your move, you will likely be entitled to have some or all of your fees for your real estate transaction covered – and the same is true for your purchase as you arrive here. Check with your Relocation representative to ensure the level of financial coverage your are entitled to.

Once you are sure that you are moving to Nova Scotia, you will likely be entitled to a House-Hunting Trip. This HHT, is a quick (usually 5 days or less), period where you have to get a lot of work done, including learn about areas, see prospective houses, decide on one that you would like to offer on, Make and negotiate an offer, finalize all conditions such as financing, inspections and insurance, and arrange for all of your move details. Â It’s incredibly important that you have the help of a knowledgeable, experienced agent to help you navigate this whirlwind period.  Check out our list of agents, or check the TPSP list of agents that are approved for your use.

Frequently Asked Questions of the Integrated Relocation Program:

When can I speak to someone from Brookfield GRS?

Brookfield GRS can offer our services once official authorization from your employer has been received.

When do I pre-register?

On receipt of your posting message, proceed to and pre-register, keeping in mind it may take up to 5 days for your employer to download your file to Brookfield GRS.

What do I need in order to pre-register?

You will need a computer with an internet connection and a copy of your posting message to pre-register at The system will request that you fill in the information according to your posting message, entering your last name and service number (with no spaces) identical to the data on the posting message.

Is pre-registration the same as the registration?

Once your file has been authorized by your employer the system will match the information from your employer with your pre-registration and send your password and User ID via email. You will then be able to complete the registration process.

Where do I find a list of participating suppliers?

The list of participating Third Party Service Providers (TPSP) can be found on the secure website. Once registered, you will have access to the directories. Simply choose your supplier type, the province and the city where the service is required. Please contact Brookfield GRS if you cannot locate a TPSP in your area. We can source out TPSP’s as required.

Do I need permission from Brookfield GRS to list my home?

We strongly recommend that you consult with Brookfield GRS first as well as review your employer’s relocation policy prior to making any financial commitments. There are specific capped ceiling rates and eligibility requirements that apply to home sale benefits.

Can I go on a House Hunting Trip if I haven’t disposed of my current residence?

Members are responsible to coordinate a door-to-door move. Without a known dispossession date at origin, this may prove difficult. Brookfield GRS will normally recommend that your home be disposed of prior to taking an HHT; however, the authority to take an HHT rests with your employer, who will sign an HHT/DIT application, granting you approval for the trip. The HHT/DIT application can be obtained from your Advisor once he/she has provided comments and signed the form.

What if I can’t sell my residence?

There are relocation benefits in place to assist with the financial burden of dual residency. Your Advisor will discuss the temporary dual residence assistance benefits with you and review your options so you can decide which option is best for you and your family.

Once I dispose of my current residence what is my next step?

Notify your Advisor that you have disposed of your residence and inform if you require a House Hunting Trip and/or Destination Inspection Trip to find a replacement residence.

What if I go on a House Hunting Trip and don’t find a place to live?

If your HHT is unsuccessful you should begin formulating a Plan B’, knowing that eventually your employer expects you to relocate. Discuss your options with your Advisor so you can determine the best course of action for you and your family.

What if my plan was to buy but I end up renting? Do I get penalized for that?

The goal is in securing a residence. Your employer and Brookfield GRS realize that intentions may change throughout the course of relocating. If you change your intentions, you are encouraged to refer to your employer’s policy and discuss these changes with your Advisor to minimize any financial impact.

How do I get reimbursed for my relocation expenses?

Please complete an on-line Itemized Expenditure Summary (expense report) for the expenses you wish to claim. Print and submit it with original receipts to your Advisor for processing. The Expense Claim will then be forwarded to you for signature and funds deposited into your bank account 3 – 5 business days after receipt of your signed claim form.


Here are some other great links for you to learn more about the Brookfield Relocation Services:

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