The Parent Company of Royal LePage Atlantic, and a number of other real estate companies across North America, Brookfield is a company of incredible expanse. Owning not only Real Estate companies, but also assets north of $175 Billion globally, as well as a full relocation organization, Brookfield really is all things Real Estate.

Brookfield Relocation Services

For Relocating employees, or members of the Armed Forces, Brookfield is your first stop when you know you are making a move.

Visit to learn how to get started in meeting your relocation representative.

Selling Your Home?

If you are selling a home to relocate to Nova Scotia, and Brookfield is managing your move, you will likely be entitled to have some or all of your fees for your real estate transaction covered – and the same is true for your purchase as you arrive here. Check with your Relocation representative to ensure the level of financial coverage your are entitled to.

The House Hunting Trip (HHT)

Once you are sure that you are moving to Nova Scotia or New Brunswick, you will likely be entitled to a House-Hunting Trip. This HHT, is a quick (usually 5 days or less), period where you have to get a lot of work done, including learn about areas, see prospective houses, decide on one that you would like to offer on, Make and negotiate an offer, finalize all conditions such as financing, inspections and insurance, and arrange for all of your move details. It’s incredibly important that you have the help of a knowledgeable, experienced agent to help you navigate this whirlwind period.  Check out our list of agents, or check the TPSP list of agents that are approved for your use.

Here are some other great links for you to learn more about the Brookfield Relocation Services:

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