The Halifax economy, despite many concerns of local residents, is actually quite healthy. With a comfortable mix of stability and growth opportunities, Halifax is well positioned as an Atlantic Canadian success story. The stability in our market comes from some very well known sectors – Education, Health Care and Government. Halifax, which is home to three universities, and a large community college system, is a hotbed for workers in the education field, including faculty, support staff, contract workers and more. With the Q.E II Hospital, the Victoria General, and the regions largest Children’s Hospital, the I.W.K, Halifax also attracts some of the best health care workers not only in Atlantic Canada, but across North America. And as the capital city, and centre of Nova Scotia’s population, Halifax Region is home to much of the province’s government agencies, meaning that there is a great foundation for stability in our economy. The growth, has come in recent years across many industries. The federal shipbuilding contract, which was announced as a $25 billion dollar contract with the Irving shipyards, continues to make Halifax a leader in Maritime construction. Technology, finance and hospitality are the other industries that continue to experience strength here in our region.