Halifax weather has a reputation for being extremely unpredictable. It’s not unheard of to have a week (or even a day) with snow, rain, high wind, sunshine and sunburns all rolled into one. The famous saying here is “if you don’t like the weather – wait an hour, it will change”. Generally, however, Halifax has a more temperate climate than other parts of Nova Scotia and certainly New Brunswick due to our proximity to the Ocean. We do have a hurricane season, where we watch storm that are forming in the Atlantic from June through November, however almost all have dissipated by the time they make land here in Canada, and often are just heavy rainstorms.

A typical year in Halifax will see sun 290 days of the year, and just under 2000 hours a year – which is comparable to other coastal cities in Canada, but certainly less than in the prairies and Ontario/Quebec. Temperatures typically range between -5 Celsius in the winter through about 25 Celsius in the Summer. Because we don’t get too hot in the Summer, it’s still somewhat rare to find air conditioning units in residential homes.

Current Weather in Halifax