One of the first things that you should consider when you decide to sell your home, is who will be the point person for you – who will be your agent. A Real Estate agent should do many things for you – they should be your appraiser, marketer, negotiator, project manager, emotional supporter and advisor. Â The choice of who you look to should be based upon a combination of process and feel.

The process of choosing an agent should involve you screening at least one, and probably as many as three agents – and you should be looking at specific criteria that meet your needs. Â This is a job interview that you are conducting, and you should expect that your applicants are prepared with a plan on how to complete the job of selling your home. Â Agents should be prepared to present to you what their strategies are, and you should examine the unique features and benefits that each offers, as well as their track record and the track record of their brokerage.

After that, you will be relying on feel – how did you connect with the agent? Do they seem to understand what your unique needs are? Do I like them? Do I think that they will treat me properly? All these questions will play into your decision. If you do your homework, and feel agents out, you will be successful in finding the right one for you.