About Annapolis County

Annapolis County is located within the province of Nova Scotia. Annapolis County is situated in the western part of the province on the Bay of Fundy. The seat for the County is Annapolis Royal.

Annapolis County took its name from the town of Annapolis Royal which was named in honor of Ann, Queen of Great Britain and was established on August 17, 1759. Annapolis County was near the previous site of Port Royal which was the chief Acadian settlement in the area at the time. The Acadians had been forcibly removed by the British government officials in the 1755 Grand Dérangement.

Around 1817 the population of the country was 9,817, and that had grown to 14,661 by 1827.At this time the county was divided into six different townships; Annapolis, Granville, Wilmot, Clements, Digby and Clare.

When 1833 rolled around a number of reasons had advanced for making two counties out of Annapolis County. There were two petitions presented to the House of Assembly in that year requesting that the county be divided. However, it wasn’t until 1837 that the County was divided into two distinct and separate counties - Annapolis and Digby.

Statistics Canada conducted a Census of Population in 2016. It was found that Annapolis County had recorded a population of 20,591 living in 9,377 of its 11,391 total private dwellings. This was a change of -0.8% from the Census of Population conducted in 2011 with a population of 20,756 at the time. The land area of Annapolis County is 3,189.14km2, and had a population density of 6.5/km2 in 2016.

All in all the Annapolis County region is all about discovery from top to bottom; from the Bay of Fundy to the Annapolis Valley region. You can climb 300 foot cliffs that overlook waters where you can see 15 species of whales coming to mate, playing and feasting on plankton. Then you can walk to the ocean floor where the tides drop so drastically where it can be equated to the height of a four-storey building. While the taste of the salty ocean air is still fresh in your mind, remember that scallops, mussels, lobsters, and smoked salmon are complemented by the offerings of the area’s award-winning wineries.

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