About Saint John & Surrounding Areas

Saint John was built on the banks of the St. John River and the Saint John Harbour and are located on top of some of the oldest geology in the entire world. St. John was the first incorporated City in Canada; with incorporation happening in 1785 and they are now thriving being the largest city on the Bay of Fundy. Many would consider St. John as being the industrial backbone of New Brunswick.

For centuries, the harbour has been a haven for people from all across the globe, often times becoming their home with a population now of approximately 70,785. Their location offers easy access to the Bay, the St. John River and many lakes surrounding the city. Also through the school districts of Anglophone South School District and District Scolaire Francophone, children and youth alike are able to enjoy a quality public education. St. John also has various post secondary education institutions such as UNB Saint John and New Brunswick Community College. The city’s uptown is also a hub for arts, culture and heritage, and offers a state of the art recreational and cultural facility that is among the best in the Atlantic Provinces.

For the most part the culture in Saint John is a proud working class one. As they are a relatively small community, the city sees large turnouts for the various special events they hold. The recent growth of the city has included initiatives like night markets with performers and vendors, various types of street parties, and farmers markets being introduced into the mainstream. As a result the streets become flooded with people of all ages when any of these events take place; making this community a friendly, welcoming place for everyone.

We hope to see you there, so don’t be shy and stop on by!

• A city of original neighbourhoods, families and individuals who live in Saint John can choose from a variety of housing.
• Through school districts Anglophone South School District and District scolaire francophone Sud, children and youth enjoy quality public education.
• UNB Saint John and New Brunswick Community College (NBCC) Saint John offer a variety of post secondary education programs.
• The City’s Uptown is a hub for arts, culture and heritage, and our recreational and cultural facilities are among the best in the Atlantic provinces.
• Saint John's East side shopping district is the largest single concentration of shopping anywhere in the Maritimes. The City’s West side is also undergoing retail expansion.
• Saint John is home to the province’s heart and trauma centre and the largest hospital in New Brunswick.
• Saint John has the largest and most used transit system in New Brunswick.

Properties For Sale In and Around Saint John

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