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50 Great Ways For Realtors To Stay In Touch With Their Sphere Of Influence


Its uncommonly rare that your first initial contact with a prospect or lead will result in a customer. This is why its so important to implement tactics that keep you top of mind.

In the world of marketing, these actions are considered touchpoints. A touchpoint is a meaningful connection that takes place between you and your target audience. According to Salesforce, it takes 6-8 meaningful touch points to close a deal. In this blog post, were going to share with you 50 different ways to land a touch point and increase the likelihood of turning a lead into a customer and a prospect into a lead.

Lets get to it…

Traditional Touch Points:

  1. Newsletters – Highlighting local content, featuring listings, upcoming events in your area, Featuring Local Businesses, info on the real estate market, hyper local stats and anything else of value to your Database
  2. Send Anniversary Card celebrating dates for moving into past customers
  3. Send localized and personalized calendars
  4. Phone calls to check in with customers, leads and potential prospects
  5. Coffees – The in-person, one on one meeting is the most effective way to influence someones behaviour. No other strategy will allow you to connect as deeply as this, but it requires the most amount of time.
  6. Direct mail with personalized cards
  7. E-Newsletters – Yes, this has now fallen into the Traditional Category. The trick with the E-newsletter is to make it compelling enough to not be annoying to your client base.
  8. Direct mail with Holiday cards

Digital Touch Points:

  1. Facebook Share and Comment of their posts- Likes aren’t enough impact on your sphere of influence – but sharing and commenting makes it directly into their notifications and stands out. Coming back to comment later on as well brings you back to top of mind.
  2. Facebook Private Messaging – Could you simply run your sphere of influence campaign through facebook private messaging? Its simply a database of relationships you have, and is essentially a texting/email tool that sends notifications to your Database. Try a monthly FB Message to your entire database and watch your response rate rise.
  3. Instagram Posts & Comments – Share content that your sphere of influence would find interesting and comment on their content when appropriate.
  4. Snapchat Messages – Embrace the idea of sending messages to your sphere of influence through Snapchat when appropriate.
  5. Connect on Twitter – Offer service to your sphere of influence when they ask questions on Twitter or are looking for recommendations.
  6. Send invites to your Sphere of Influence for Facebook events that would be relevant
  7. Text messages – not as powerful as a phone call – but responded too MUCH more than email.

Event Based Touch Points:

  1. Client Party – The word Client gets in the way of a lot of thinking here – you are just hosting a party here. Who should get invited? ANYONE WHO MIGHT BUY, SELL or REFER you. Dont call it a client party when you make the invite. Call it a 5 Year Celebration for your 5th year in the industry…or 6th year..or 8th year.. Or 1st year..
  2. Holiday Party – You can send this to your entire database, or just select members who you want an invited to your Get a Picture with Santa Party, or an Easter Egg hunt
  3. Local Sports Event – Lots of markets have major or minor sports teams – get a section of tickets, buy everyone a hotdog or nachos and give one of your branded hats to each.
  4. Business mixer – Have a lot of small business owners on your Database? Invite them all to a social mixer to connect and consider it a networking opportunity.
  5. Investment Seminar – Invite all of your database to attend a seminar on how to start investing in multi-family rentals, or flips etc.
  6. Charity Events – Invite your sphere of influence to help serve food with you at the local soup kitchen at Thanksgiving, or to man the kettle at Christmas time for Salvation Army. The Feel good atmosphere will inspire and delight.
  7. Summer BBQ
  8. Skating Party
  9. Movie morning
  10. Outside the industry Seminars – Organize and invite database to a session on Financial planning, organization, cooking class, dancing etc. Get creative with the topic and feel free to only invite a portion of your total group!
  11. Wine and cheese with entertainment
  12. Boat cruise

Real Estate Specific Touch Points:

  1. Mini CMA – Giving people an unprompted look at what their home might be worth in today’s market
  2. Develop and deliver hyper local stats sheet to your sphere of influence.
  3. Offer full market analysis to your sphere of influence free of charge
  4. Create a Top 10 Repairs sheet and distribute to your sphere of influence
  5. Build a Top 10 Neighbourhoods sheet and distribute to your sphere of influence
  6. Recommended tradespeople guide – You use and recommend these all the time – so compile a list and send it to your database.

Video Touch Points:

  1. Develop a staging before and after video that can be distributed to your sphere of influence
  2. Host a video webinar on how to invest in Real Estate – Webinars are great time leverage for your business – allowing you to connect with SOI without having to travel to see them all. Primarily best for your Business relationships.
  3. Roll out a video invite to your client party
  4. Create a video Summary of the Week/Month/Quarter in Real Estate.

Phone Call Touch Points:

  1. Invite them to a function or client party
  2. Invite to a coffee or other one-on-one meeting/chat to catch up
  3. Call about a new listing or property sold in the area
  4. Call about something you’ve seen on their social media that warrants a one-to-one call
  5. Offer a Happy Birthday / Anniversary phone call
  6. Apology Call – If you haven’t been in touch for awhile, it’s a good idea to call and apologize for being out of touch

Holiday & Special Event Related Touch Points:

  1. New Year’s Resolution Card – Send out a card that will allow them to write down their resolutions for the year – and post them somewhere. Written goals are 40% more likely to be achieved, so help them have a great year!
  2. Reminder to turn the clocks back or forward card
  3. Valentines chocolates dropped off to each member
  4. Easter eggs dropped to everyone
  5. Flags dropped off on Independence Day / Canada Day etc.
  6. Gifts related to the Chinese zodiac sign for the appropriate year
  7. Back to school planning checklist mailed out to entire sphere of influence

Bonus Touch Points:

  1. A+ Treatment – Flowers on their birthday. This might only be for the top 10 members of your database, but will really create an incredible impact
  2. Unattainable experience – People are moved by things they remember, so if you have an ability to create an opportunity for them to experience something that they otherwise wouldn’t, they’ll love it. For example, if your spouse is a Firefighter – give them a chance to ride on the back of a firetruck etc.
  3. Keep the Kids in Mind – Send something out addressed specifically to the kids, and people will be impressed. For example, if you know the kids birthday – a small present showing up for them will be overwhelmingly well received!

Wrapping Things Up

As you can see, there are plenty of different things you can do each day to increase the connection you have with your sphere of influence. The key is to spend your time implementing the tasks that are most likely to drive results long term for your business.

Over the years, we’ve offered in depth training to Realtors throughout Atlantic Canada and have helped them uncover untapped opportunities. If you’re a Realtor who would be interested in learning more about how Royal LePage Atlantic helps agents capitalize on these opportunities – Get in touch!

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